Pine Gap 6 - The Peace Pilgrims facing court in Nov 2017

On Sep 29 2016, six “Peace Pilgrims” were arrested next to the Pine Gap Military base which is a key US military facility providing support for violent operations, drone strikes and the massive spy program revealed by Edward Snowden. Continue reading

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Help stop warmaking and surveillance as activists face court in 2017. #Endwarculture #NoMoreUSwars Schedule of Events (rough draft)

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We were lamenting war and praying for peace and now we need your help and support:
  1. Join the Wage Peace Newsletter for updates, invitations to actions, call outs and Court dates. Share this information with your friends and networks.
  2. Donate to help us travel back and forth to Alice Springs as well as general costs in fighting this case. We would like to see people join us.
  3. Join us in Alice for 10 days of actions, ceremony, public meetings and trial November 10-20. The major cases are set for November 13 and 16. See the Proposed Schedule Including 'The Court Case that Probably Wasn't': Expert Witnesses speak about Pine Gap’ Sunday 19 November 2017
  4. If you are in Alice – support us by encouraging local involvement and making links. Contact [email protected]
  5. Volunteer - spread the word on Social Media, create graphics, raise funds, carry banners, organise, mobilise

The Pilgrims

Margaret Pestorius

I have been involved with social change since discovering, as a young adult, the beauty of working...

Andy Paine

Also Read Andy’s account of his time at Pine Gap here...

Paul Christie

Paul Christie is the parent of two daughters and has spent his life working to create community,...

Franz Dowling

  I grew up in a Catholic Worker family. I lived on a farm north of Brisbane, 7 kids, it was...

Tim Webb

I heard rumours about another Pine Gap action a few years ago at various peace gatherings. There...



The Alice Springs Peace Convergence takes place on Arrernte land. The ‘kwertengwerle’ (ritual caretakers) of central and eastern Arrernte are committed to closing Pine Gap through a process of Healing, Unity & Peace. To do this the Arrernte are hosting a number of camps and activities on tribal homelands and in Alice Springs themed on the areas of Healing, Permaculture, Education, Arts. Cultural places of Smoking & Welcome have been established (see the Arrernte healing & unity pages at  
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