#ClosePineGap 2016

A national gathering of peace makers and anti war activists during the 50 Year Anniversary of Pine Gap. A series of independently organised events and artful non violent protest actions in and around Alice Springs. Themed on closing the U.S. spy and drone base at Pine Gap. Come and Join Us

For the Media

What is Pine Gap?

A US base established by the CIA  to conduct mass surveillance, collecting raw data from satellites, supporting communications of US armed forces, targeting drone attacks and also supporting arms control verification. More info on Pine Gap



Supporting Projects

#ClosePineGap Radio – 8CCC

We are hijacking the airwaves at 8CCC (102.1) broadcasting and streaming online for the next two weeks 9am-6pm. TURN ON, TUNE IN and resist the U.S. military industrial complex!

Close Pine Gap T-Shirt

These limited edition and highly stylish t-shirts are available in black and sky blue. Featuring...

Blockadia Crowd Funder

A mobile blockade camp that provides various weather structures that can accommodate a gathering...



Ride Alice to the Gap

29th Sept – 7:30am
Community Bike Ride to Pine Gap to protest its 50 years of inglorious existence.

Mind the Gap

On now
An exhibition of Kristian Laemmle-Ruf‘s Pine Gap photos


Latest News

Close Pine Gap, Free Chelsea Manning!

Australian peace activists attempting to close the Pine Gap US intelligence base declare their solidarity with imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Chelsea Manning was a US soldier, arrested in 2010 after leaking thousands...

US bases a significant cost to communities

“There are a growing number of situations throughout the world that call into question the assertion that US bases positively impact a local community’s economy,” says Dr Lisa Natividad, a speaker at the annual...

Peace Pilgrims Lament at Pine Gap

Early on Thursday morning, five “peace pilgrims” walked on to the Pine Gap US military base at Alice Springs, in Arrernte country, to lament the death caused by the base and to resist the violence that is perpetrated...



The Alice Springs Peace Convergence takes place on Arrernte land. The ‘kwertengwerle’ (ritual caretakers) of central and eastern Arrernte are committed to closing Pine Gap through a process of Healing, Unity & Peace. To do this the Arrernte are hosting a number of camps and activities on tribal homelands and in Alice Springs themed on the areas of Healing, Permaculture, Education, Arts. Cultural places of Smoking & Welcome have been established (see the Arrernte healing & unity pages at www.closepinegap.com)  
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