Alice Springs Peace Convergence (Australia) 19th Sep – 3rd Oct 2016

Andy Paine’s Blog of the Pilgrims Adventures with the #ClosePineGap Protest Camp

Friday September 16 2016 was a busy day for me. I began it preparing a radio show about Pine Gap, the secretive US military base near Alice Springs in central Australia. I had interviewed an academic who has studied Pine Gap and what it does; an activist who has opposed it; and an Arrernte traditional owner who says it has no right to be there. Then I rushed off to Griffith University, where I gave a guest talk to an ethics class about civil disobedience – the practice of intentionally and openly breaking unjust laws. Read More


Media coverage sept 2016 after the second action where the pilgrims made it into Pine Gap and were arrested. 

Media release from first attempt at getting into Pine Gap (Graeme attempted this night, but did not take part in the final action). All pilgrims were caught and arrested before breaking in to Pine Gap but were released without charge. 




Ride Alice to the Gap

29th Sept – 7:30am
Community Bike Ride to Pine Gap to protest its 50 years of inglorious existence.

Supporting Projects

#ClosePineGap Radio – 8CCC

We are hijacking the airwaves at 8CCC (102.1) broadcasting and streaming online for the next two weeks 9am-6pm. TURN ON, TUNE IN and resist the U.S. military industrial complex!

Close Pine Gap T-Shirt

These limited edition and highly stylish t-shirts are available in black and sky blue. Featuring sleeves, for sun protection while you’re out in the desert to Close Pine Gap! Grab yours from

#ClosePineGap merchandise

All merchandise is being sold at cost price. We are not making any margin on these products. Please visit our website and donate to one or more of the projects that will contribute to the #ClosePineGap event. Thank you to the original artist of the Red tailed black...

Disarm #ClosePineGap crowd funder

On the road to Pine Gap to protest the US war machine in central Australia. We need funds to help us: pay for fuel & supplies to make this year's action at the gates the most awesome one yet. We need your help. Please help us get there and shut down the US war...

Peace Convergence #ClosePineGap crowd funder

Please support this national gathering of peace makers and anti war activists during the 50 Year Anniversary of Pine Gap. We need your help to set up a series of independently organised events and artful non violent protest actions in and around Alice Springs. Themed...

Blockadia Crowd Funder

A mobile blockade camp that provides various weather structures that can accommodate a gathering of 100 people. Blockadia is bringing a heap of essential infrastructure to the #ClosePineGap camp. We are currently low on paying passengers and are asking our community...