Author: Cate Adams

Putting Pine Gap on Trial Again – November 2017

An appeal for financial support In Early November six of us go to trial in Alice Springs charged under the notorious “Defence Special Undertaking Act” which carries a maximum sentence of 7 years for trespass.* This is only the second time in history this 1952 law has been used. The first time, after a similar action when some of us actually climbed on the roof of a building inside Pine Gap, resulted in fines despite the strongest effort by the prosecution to get us jailed.** This is their second chance. As we did last time, we once again hope...

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Pine Gap: Full Knowledge & Concurrence

OCTOBER 12, 2017 BY KELLIE TRANTER In honour of the late Professor Des Ball Heavily redacted documents produced in accordance with Freedom of Information laws appear to imply that the Australian government has full knowledge of current and future operations taking place at Pine Gap and that it is given the opportunity to approve or deny proposed future conduct carried out at the base. This may have serious ramifications for Australia, a signatory to the Rome Statute, in any future proceedings in the International Criminal Court. I recently issued a Freedom of Information request for copies of advices, cables, directives, emails and policies confirming the...

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#PineGapPilgrims, 2016 and the #PineGap4, 2005 : Activists on Trial for Actions at Pine Gap

#PineGapPilgrims Will Face Court for Lament Action The #PINEGAPPILGRIMS face court from 13th November 2017. Pauli Christie who was praying in the valley will oversee the selection of his jury on the Monday 13th. The other pilgrims will meet their jury on Thursday 16th November 2017. We invite you to join the Pilgrims in Alice Springs for the court case.  The trials of activists are times of intellectual endeavour and further resistance as we explore challenging the military State and telling the stories of resistance. We will conduct public meetings and more actions if we can. We will hear from...

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Media Release February 3 2017

Media Release February 3 2017 Mention in Court The six “peace pilgrims” who last September were arrested on the Pine Gap US military intelligence base have now received court summons – each facing up to seven years imprisonment. Jim Dowling, Andy Paine, Tim Webb and Franz Dowling of Brisbane; along with Margaret Pestorius and Paul Christie of Cairns; are each charged with Trespass under the Defence (Special Undertakings) Act. The Act was the subject of confusion and controversy in September when the six defendants were arrested. As well as carrying the extremely severe maximum penalty of seven years prison, the law...

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Support the #PineGapPilgrims

We were lamenting war and praying for peace at Pine Gap and now we need your help and support:
  1. To get involved sign up for Wage Peace Newsletter for updates, invitation to actions, call outs and court dates. Also for other anti-military updates. Share this information with your friends and networks.
  2. Donate to help us travel back and forth to Alice Springs as well as general costs in fighting this case. We would like to see people join us.
  3. Join us in Alice for the major case later in the year.
  4. If you are in Alice Springs – support us by encouraging local involvement and making links. Contact [email protected]